C-Card Service

What is the C-Card:

The C-Card is a card which offers free and easy access to condoms and lube in a range of venues, including some clinics, schools, colleges and pharmacies. In Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, the C-Card is available to those aged 13+. To find out visit the C-Card page: C-Card – Leicester Sexual Health

The C-Card Scheme is a confidential service which also offers you information and advice about sexual health and relationships.

How does the c-card work?

The C-Card allows you to get free condoms and lube from a range of places e.g. pharmacies, sexual health clinics, GPs and some schools/colleges (students only).

The card will not have any personal details on it like your name, it will only have a unique number.

There are boxes on the back of each card, one box will be crossed off every time you pick up your new pack of condoms and lube. Once you have filled up all the boxes, you can simply re-register to get another free card. C-Cards are available to all people of all ages across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland

How do I register for c-card?

Registration is quick, easy and only takes a few minutes. You will be asked for some details about yourself, like: Name, Postcode and Date of Birth. All the information you provide is confidential and will not be passed on to anyone else unless we are concerned about your safety

If you are 18 and over, you can register for a C-Card online using this registration form here. Your C-Card will then be delivered to you within 10 working days.

Please note: priority for online registration is given to people who do not have convenient and nearby access to a C-Card pharmacy.  If you are a student at De Montfort, Loughborough or Leicester Universities, please register for C-Card and your first pack at your Student Union.

How do I get more condoms with my c-card?

Take your c-card to reception and hand over to one of our reception team to be stamped to receive your next condom pack.