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Level 1 and 2 Sexual Health Services

Level 1 Level 2

Level 1

  • Sexual history taking
  • Generic information for STI prevention/safer sex advice
  • Information re local GU provision
  • Information about the full range of contraceptive methods and where these are available
  • First prescription and continuing supply of oral contraception (combined + progestogen-only) and injectable contraception and Investigation and treatment of problems with oral contraceptives , diaphragm fitting and follow-up
  • Emergency oral contraception
  • IUD/IUS routine follow-up
  • Referral for female sterilisation
  • Assessment and referral for psychosexual and physical sexual dysfunction.
  • Referral for TOP assessment
  • Referral for colposcopy for abnormalities from routine screening
  • Hepatitis B screening and immunisation
  • Chlamydia screening in line with national guidelines
  • HIV testing and counselling (with referral pathways)
  • First episode herpes and Genital Warts - assessment and referral
  • Hepatitis C testing and counselling (with referral pathways)
  • Appropriate management of vaginal discharge
  • Awareness of local voluntary sector sexual health providers, referrals
  • Recognition, assessment and onward referral re: FGM
  • Diaphragm fitting
  • Free NHS pregnancy testing and appropriate referral
  • On-going supply of condoms for safer sex/contraception
  • Testing symptomatic men and women for STIs with pathways developed with GUM
  • Screening and testing of asymptomatic women and men for STIs with pathways developed with GUM


Level 2

  • IUD/IUS insertion and Emergency IUD insertion
  • Contraceptive implant insertion and removal
  • Contact tracing/partner notification
  • Management of first episode and recurrent herpes (including suppressive Rx) and initiation of suppressive treatment
  • Management of psychosexual problems and physical sexual dysfunction.
  • Assessment for TOP
  • Management of STIs


Last modified: 24-03-14